Monday, July 12, 2010


Hiya People,

It's us again.

We've decided to make an amendment to our Terms&Conditions, which we believe will DEFINITELY benefit all our customers.

Our new Terms&Conditions on Custom Duties now read :

CUSTOM DUTIES & TAXES : We will absorb the cost. Woohoo!

So, that means all our published price effective 1st March 2010 are ALL INCLUSIVE, with item sent to you doorstep (in Malaysia) & there's no hidden charges. You will not get a call from us asking for payment on Custom duties, unlike other bloggers. What price you see published on our blog, is what price you pay for your item, period.

We have done so for all our customers in the past, anyway.

Yes, we are insane, you may say. But we reckon this is the best way given the extremely erratic way of work at the Customs.

They can change the Custom duties THREE TIMES for 1 parcel, and each phone call equates a higher duty charge. They said that it is their prerogative & if we are not willing to pay, just have the parcel u-turned back to country of origin....blehhh! Imagine what our customers would think if we were to contact them 3 different times for 3 different Custom charges, each time higher???

Isn't there a standard table for taxes/duties in this country? Welcome to Malaysia! Malaysia Boleh!