Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hiya People,

Apologies for the silence as I've been feeling under the weather since returning home.

To all our well-informed & well-educated & well-meaning customers :

1) We will hide the comment box from hereon to prevent from further abuse by unscrupulous & ill-educated people.

2) To all who texted/emailed/commented, in support of Bagskaki, because you know we have done no wrong, in particular PLing & Steph...we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- PLing / Steph : You do not deserve this sort of verbal diarrhea from anyone, especially them who are so unbelievably ill-educated. They obviously need help! I know you'll have it in your heart to forgive these people for they know not what they are doing.

- They've failed to understand or perhaps are in denial, that in this era, customers may be always right (that too not necessarily), but certainly not ill-informed, rude & unscrupulous customers with malicious intentions.

Online shopping offers an alternative shopping avenue for busy Corporate warriors out there, too busy to shop at malls + help them spend $$ wisely via heavily discounted bargains offered.

Rude customers who expects sellers to be their maids-in-waiting, don't deserve to enjoy such privileges, unfortunately. They can always pay premium prices at the Stores. But even then, many Stores in the US have started issuing "we ban you for life" love letters to their customers! So, indeed the world is evolving!

- Have you ever wondered why these unscrupulous people bother to hurl abuse after abuse on the comment boxes? If they are so unhappy, they could vanish from Online shopping & shop at the Stores & pay premium prices, yes?? (tsk! tsk!)

- Have you ever wondered why someone would write in anonymity, if his/her conscience is crystal clear?? (tsk! tsk!)

- For the interest of those who have been following, this ill-informed & unscrupulous person's sibling has written to us apologising & expressing embarrassment for her behaviour. So, you be the judge! I feel really really sorry for this person.

3) If you are a blogshop owner & have encountered the same / suspect you are facing one, feel free to cross-check with us. We'd be happy to share. Blogshop sellers need to UNITE! And suss-out good, reasonable, well-educated, well-informed customers from the bad-bad-bad ones. I sure hope no other blogshops will be made a victim next!

Altogether now....."Shoo! Shoo! Bad omen! Come! Come! Come! Positive Energy!